Herbal Tea 281: Natural Remedy to cure HIV

Natural Treatment To Cure HIV
Natural Treatment To Cure HIV

Natural Remedy to cure HIV. Discover the best treatment to heal HIV in a short time. We offer you an effective herbal tea for HIV and AIDS. Here is the miracle product that cure HIV diseases.

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Presentation of Natural Remedy to cure HIV.

Powder in sachet

Weight:  50g

Composition: plant extract, anticancers, antitumors

Properties: Reducers of malignant tumors, immuno-recontituting

Indication: HIV and AIDS

Instructions for use: Read the instructions

Unit Price: 50 euros

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What are the symptoms of HIV?

You can have HIV without having any symptoms. This is why it’s important to get tested even if you don’t feel sick. These  symptoms are: Fever, Fatigue, Muscle aches, Night sweats, Swollen lymph nodes, Mouth sores. But There is Three stages of HIV.

The first stage which is acute HIV is explained by symptoms of a month or two after being  infected with HIV. These symptoms often go away within a week to a month. The second one called chronic stage can be explained by many years without feeling sick. It’s important to know that you can still spread HIV to others even if you feel well.The last one  AIDS which is the most serious stage of HIV infection. In this stage, HIV has severely weakened your immune system and opportunistic infections are much more likely to make you sick.

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What causes AIDS?

AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) is due to long-term, untreated HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus) infection for amany  years. When HIV enters the body, it invades and destroys T-cells of the immune system.It also damages and destroys white blood cells called CD4 T cells.  Then it weakens the immune system to protect from external pathogens that enter the body. Resulting in disease with acute, complex conditions, including severe opportunistic infections that are difficult to eradicate. When it progresses to an advanced stage called stage 3 HIV, or AIDS.

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Natural Treatment to cure of HIV.

AIDS has become an incurable disease because many healers have not found the right cure. Indeed, research has proven that there are plants that can cure HIV AIDS in a short time. If you are looking for natural herbs that may help you fight against the HIV disease, then we have an effective natural treatment  that will cure you.

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Some plants to treat HIV

Neem: Drops the temperature

Take a fresh twig of neem, remove the leaves and boil the bark in water, drink as an infusion. The bark can also be chewed. 
An anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal function, particularly in the intestinal tract, lungs and vagina. Facilitates digestion and reduces the feeling of weakness. Also good against throat infections, herpes and diarrhea
Improves digestion, has an energizing effect, relieves diarrhea and stimulates the appetite. Used to treat colds, flu and nausea.
Use either as a spice in dishes or in herbal tea
Effective against colds and in case of fatigue after a flu or a cold. Also used when the person is cold, in case of diarrhea and nausea. Stimulates the appetite. Gently stimulates the digestive system, promoting intestinal transit.
Add to dishes or in herbal tea, especially cinnamon and ginger herbal tea for pneumonia.
   Link: https://www.fao.org/3/y4168f/y4168f0a.htm

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