Herbal Tea 034: Incense Against Evil Spirits


Traditional incense against evil spirit. Its drives away night spirit husband and purify and sanctify the house from any evil demons.Some consider other aspects when deciding what and when to plant their growing plot. For centuries, many plants have been cherished and celebrated for their supposed spiritual uses. Plants that ward off evil, for example, have a rich and interesting history.


Incense against evil spirits: The incense to drive away evil spirits and purify chase evil spirits and purify. It helps in cases of possession, need help and make sense of insécurité.est of sacred trees resins, myrrh, leaves, fruits and others. this incense

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Herbal tea 034: Incense Against Evil Spirits

The incense to drive away evil spirits and purify is a combination of African products with a thousand virtues and that makes our incense a wonderful product support for all souls, especially the souls bewitched or weak. It is made of extracts from plants and minerals (gardenia, Commiphora africana, Smilax, resin, sulfur, myrrh, camphor, etc.).

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 The therapeutic effects of Incense Against Evil Spirits

Already, natural camphor alone has excellent cleansing properties, site remediation of bad influences and bad eye with many beneficial effects on the psychological level.

The gardenia alone is virtuous shaft on which no bird arises without being struck. Somegardenias lost this virtue by desecration and we must find the resin authentic gardenia Beninese forests and this is the power of protecting our incense. Where burning our incense, no bird of ill omen can not cross without falling down. Burning incense and our soyer sure your home is under divine protection. In addition to its protective nature of the place, our incense pleasantly perfumes the house attracts a lot of positive vibrations: luck, love, clairvoyance, purifies the wandering and lost souls.

A child seems to be bewitched, praising the scene to observe its instant delivery. It is a divine wonder that is not associated with any belief if not your liver. The wandering and lost souls, evil spirits, the evil eye, etc. will no longer have anything to do with you.

Herbs and Incense  Against Evil

In many different cultures, it has long been said that there are some plants that repel evil. While some gardeners may disregard information concerning a plant’s ability to serve more alternative purposes, others may be quite interested in learning more about these “evil fighting herbs.” Folklore and stories handed down throughout history have long mentioned other uses of trees, plants, and herbs. Whether hoping to rid their homes of witches or other evil spirits, herbs were used in the form of wreaths, incense, or even loosely scattered throughout the home. Home herb gardeners may be surprised to learn that many of the plants, which they already grow, may have perceived significance as evil fighting herbs.


evil herb

  Plants and Incense That Ward Off Evil

Ancient herbalists once valued sage for its believed healing abilities, as well as its ability to cleanse spaces. The belief is in these properties is one that is still common today. Another popular herb plant, dill, was believed to ward off evil spirits when worn or when made into a wreath and hung above doorways. Dill was also used as an herb to encourage and welcome prosperity into the home. Other popular herbs said to protect the home and self from evil include rue, oregano, rosemary, and thyme.

All of which, in some capacity, are said to drive negativity from the home. While we will never know if any of these alternative uses for herbs actually work, it is interesting to learn more about the history of our gardens and the plants that we maintain. As with any gardening endeavor, those wishing to explore alternative uses for any herb should make certain to thoroughly research each plant.

Incense composition to drive away evil spirits and purify


-Powder bag 50g


Extracts of organic vegetables

Manual :

Place some powder on burning coal as usual.


Evil spirits, evil eye, witchcraft, possession,

Active subtances

-Elements purifiers

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To ward off evil spirits, to cleanse, to purify a place

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